Özdoğan Grup



Foundation of the Özdoğan Group was laid by Mr. Rıza ÖZDOĞAN with the “Construction of Fethiye – Ören Irrigation Tunnel” for the State Hydraulic Works, 2. Regional Directorate which he had undertaken in 1966. A need emerged to transform to a corporate structure as a result of the success shown in the sector and Özdoğan Construction Industry and Trade LLC was founded in 1981 by Özdoğan Brothers for the purpose of incorporating this experience and background under the roof of a company.

Sister company “Özkar Construction Industry and Trade Co., Inc.” was founded in 1987 for the purpose of meeting the increased business volume in time and serving the progressing needs of the sector.

Both companies have undertaken a leading role in Turkish construction sector with their works by operating both at home and abroad in sectors such as construction, road, dam, stripping, tunnel, irrigation and any infrastructure construction with their researching, expert and dynamic staff who continuously renew themselves following their foundation date, experienced site team and cutting edge technology which they continuously follow.

Özdoğan firm has become the greatest company of Turkey in this field by making more than 500 million m³ stripping work. On the other hand, Özkar Construction Ind. and Tr. Co., Inc has undertaken the construction of Çine Dam which was the highest RCC dam in Europe and 5th in the world by using RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) technology in a dam construction for the first time in Turkey.

In 2000, “ÖZKAR Insurance Intermediary Services LLC” was founded for the purpose of reflecting its knowledge and service understanding to insurance sector, too. It serves since its foundation in all branches of insurance with the awareness of social responsibility and the power of being technology focused.

The group which reached its experiences to the qualification to serve also in the field of energy added “ÖZDOĞAN Energy” to its body in 2005 and was awarded the contract of “142 MW Ayvalı Dam and HEPP” by Build – Operate – Transfer model in 2006. The projects arising from the built-up of construction and contracting sector promoted entrance to tourism sector and “ÖZDOĞAN Project Architecture Engineering & Consultancy Co., Inc. was founded in 2005. The most important target of the company was to realize the project, construction, investment and operation works in its body in the mentioned investments.

Operating in miscellaneous business branches, ÖZDOĞAN GROUP evaluated the opportunities in the developing tourism sector and started the construction of 5 stars CALISTA LUXURY RESORT hotel in 2005 on 120.000 m² area at Antalya Belek. The hotel put into operation in May 2007 is the first project realized in the tourism sector.

As the second tourism project, 5 stars deluxe hotel construction which started in the capital city Ankara in 2008 and operated by JW Marriott Hotel Chain was completed in 2011 and put into operation.

The sensitivity which it accepted as the basis in all its works since its foundation date and showed on the subjects of quality, human security, environment and nature is documented with ISO 9001-2000 (Quality Management System), 14001 (Environmental Health), 18001 (OSAS) certificates.

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