Özdoğan Grup

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy andPRINCIPLES

This policy certificate emphasizes the Özdoğan Group’s social responsibility principles and the importance and priority given by Özdoğan Group to the matter. Özdoğan Group accepts as one of its basic principles to behave with conscious of respecting environment and humankind.

  • We consider what is best for community and environment,
  • We fulfill our social and environment responsibilities in all fields we operate in conformity with other organizations,
  • We make sure that our employees enjoy their rights and benefits fully keeping in mind that the human element is the most important element of growth and sustainability,
  • We provide a coherent and positive working environment that support cooperation among the employees,
  • It is the prioritized duty of Özdoğan Group to ensure that its employees work in an healthy and safe environment that suits to human dignity,
  • We have our company certified by complying with all international standards and act in accordance with all legal regulations,
  • We strive to improve the community. We act with social responsibility awareness in all our works,
  • All our managers and employees are responsible for adapting and applying social responsibility consciousness.

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