Özdoğan Grup

Message from theChairman


For sure one of the most important sectors that contributed to the restructuring of our country is the construction sector, which is developing and growing fast. It is necessary to keep the pulse of the entire globalizing world and the continually developing technology and to adapt to such changes rapidly on the way to success.

Along the same line, developing and growing Turkey’s need for infrastructure increases day by day. Water for soil, energy for production and roads are required for transporting goods and products. However, considering the limited time and the insufficient resources, there is a certain need for companies that are expert in their field of activity and have staff experienced in using all opportunities provided by technology.

Having determined this need and aimed at this accordingly, Özdoğan Group enjoys the right honor of being one step ahead in each project it completes due to its experienced administrative and technical personnel, its machinery park that is renewed according to the latest technology. In addition to arrangements we conducted in our corporate infrastructure, our growing works in the fields of construction, road, dam, hotel, earth moving tunnel, irrigation and all kinds of infrastructure construction in accordance with our objectives are indications that we are progressing successfully on the right path towards the goals we set.

The global economic crisis has affected all sectors deeply. Both the fluctuating exchange rates and the pulse of the daily agenda were of great importance to our company that attached its signature to long term projects. Having invested in the future greatly for Turkey our group achieved to maintain its productivity and profitability due to correct strategic assessment and efficient risk management towards the crisis, which was seen not only as a corporate responsibility but also a national responsibility. With this in mind, we will strive to perform our responsibilities in the best way possible with the investments we will make in the upcoming days and by signing strong and pioneer projects not only inside but also abroad the country that will also contribute to our country’s economy.

After years of experience and knowledge, the Özdoğan Group continue to meet their targets both domestically and internationally. Our fundamental principle is not to compromise quality when matching value to the best possible job that we approach. We would like to thank all of our partners and employees for showing the best possible support allowing us to succeed our previous goals and help us meet our current and future goals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our dear colleagues, who brought us to these days, and all persons and institutions, to whom we had the chance to serve, and present them our deepest and sincere regards.


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