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Özkar Insurance

Özkar Insurance Intermediary Services Limited Liability Company was founded in 2000 for the purpose of being able to reflect the knowledge and service understanding of years. Following its foundation, it is operating in all insurance branches with its social responsibility and awareness and the power of being technology focused and serves the insured by means of “Başak Sigorta A.Ş.”, “AIG Sigorta” and “Güneş Sigorta” agency and with its rich product range and tailor made service understanding.

Özkar Insurance Intermediary Services was founded in 2000 and operates in all branches with a strong capital structure and dynamic, trained and professional staff. Our company is a firm in the body of Özdoğan Group and its head office is in Ankara.

Our company serves in all branches and our customer portfolio contains powerful names who have completed institutionalization and have leaders in the sector. Our goal in the sector is to be able to respond to all needs of our portfolio and society on the subject of insurance and preserve the life standards of our portfolio.

As Özkar insurance, we are aiming to provide a unique quality with our operation which target the perfect and together with all our employees.

Özkar Insurance Intermediary Services has accepted to offer service as a “QUALITY AND SERVICE POLICY” by assuring the rights of the insured within the awareness of being a service institution. Due to this reason, we are near our customers not only in the policy issuing stage, but also until the policy expires and at the moment of damage, too.

We are the agent of Başakgroupama Sigorta, Güneş Sigorta ve AIG sigorta which are successful in their fields in order to reach to our targets.

Our Products

  • All Kinds of Car Insurance / Traffic Policies
  • All Kinds of Fire Policies (Residence, Business Place Pack)
  • Construction All-Risk Policies (C.A.R.)
  • Erection All-Risk Policies (E.A.R.)
  • All Kinds of Freight Policies (Home - Abroad)
  • Employer’s Liability Policies
  • 3. Party Liability Policies
  • Personal Accident, Life Policies
  • Professional Indemnity Policies
  • Hazardous Substance Compulsory Liability Policies
  • Hotel Pack, Factory Pack
  • Construction Equipment, Machinery Breakdown Policies
  • Electronic Device Policies
  • Agriculture / Crop Insurances
  • Medical Insurances
  • Life+ Retirement Insurance
  • Travel Insurances

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is the insurance for meeting the damages of the transport vehicles. Car insurance has three main coverages: Crash, Burning, Theft. As the general conditions of car insurance allows, a policy may be issued for one, two or all of these coverages. However, supplementary coverages may be added to the policy in the direction of request (commodities carried with the vehicle and additions not seen in the original vehicle (tape recorder, tv-navigation, etc.).

What Is Traffic Insurance?

Traffic Insurance is a compulsory coverage contract made once a year to meet the damage given to the other vehicles and pedestrians in the traffic, any object on the road belonging to the highways or municipalities, that is, 3. Parties. A penalty premium is applied if not made or for each delay day.

What Is Fire Pack?

It is a contract which is valid for houses and business places and which covers both the immovable and goods used against the asked risks. You can increase and decrease the value of the coverage as you wish and get the coverage you wish by selecting the options which are most suitable for your needs.

What Is Residence Pack?

It is a contract which covers the probable damages of many risks such as the burning, lightning,, explosion of your residence or real estate, and if you wish, theft, flood, earthquake damage, vehicle crash, etc.

What Is Freight Insurance?

These are contracts which cover any damage happened during transport notwithstanding what the type of carried goods is.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Damaging during running of the machinery and installation, steam and gas engines, pumps, air compressors which are manufactured or which are installed and trial run periods completed, or their damaging by an unexpected impact when they stay in position, being cleaned, revised and place changed is covered by this insurance. Against an additional premium, also wide supplementary coverage may be taken for strike, lock-out, riots and civil commotions, terror and sabotage, express transport, overwork, vacancy fees and increases, foundations and pedestals of the machinery mobile machinery (especially construction equipment) (crash, collision, tilt, landslide, fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, etc. may be included to the coverage.

Erection Insurance

This is the insurance to compensate the losses and damages which may occur during the actions of placement or erection of the mechanical or electrical parts or facilities of the factories and industrial structures which construction are completed. Insurance price is the contract price and is composed of the units which shall be erected, transport, freight, insurance costs, if any, customs expenses, duties and charges, workmanship, erection and commissioning costs.

If the project covers both of the construction and erection works, this is commonly expressed with the term “Construction – Erection Insurance”.

Construction Insurance

This is the insurance agreement which compensates the loss or damage of any goods and property during the construction activities such as road, dam, bridge, hospital, housing etc. under construction. “Construction” may be the whole of an on-going project or may be limited to some parts to be added to an already present property.

However, the loss suffered by the values in the construction site must occur due to a sudden, previously unknown cause and this cause must be a non-exempted event.

Insurance price is composed of the value of the materials and works which are the subject of construction (if any, including customs taxes, duties and charges, and freight and workmanship expenses) and, if further coverage is given, the current market values of the machinery, tools and equipment use for the construction and temporary site barracks and auxiliary structures. Coverage period starts following the unloading of the construction materials at the construction site and ends upon the delivery of the constructed structure to the employer. If wished, against an additional premium, a coverage may be taken against wreck demolition, 3. party liability, express transport as a result of damage, maintenance period, strike, lock-out, terror, earthquake risks, too.

The matters to be taken into consideration

  • The policy must include the numbers and/or definitions such as meter, square meter or cubic meter in respect of the structural elements of the construction which are insured.
  • It must be checked if the structural elements are notified within the quantity and quality dimensions foreseen in the plan and project.
  • The coverages must be checked, especially it must be checked if the maintenance period (starting after the completion or temporary acceptance of the construction) coverage is taken.
  • In Construction All Risks insurances, value increases not exceeding %20 of the insurance price are deemed insured. In case they exceed this ratio, the value increases must be noticed to the insurance company.

Electronic Device Insurance

This is the insurance providing coverage against material damages occurring connected to a sudden and unexpected cause and earthquake while the electronic machinery, installation and information processing systems are running normally or being cleaned on location, locations are changed, are under maintenance. Besides, the damages connected to many acts and causes such as omission, mistake or fault of the users, theft or theft attempt, erroneous design, electric current, fire extinguishing, demolition, rescue may be included in the coverage.

Subject of Insurance

EDP and office devices, telecommunication and radio devices, medical devices, devices of graphics industry, publication and TV devices, alarm, test measurement and automation devices, ventilation units, neon lights, advertising and display panels, lighting systems, betting machines.

The matters to be taken into consideration

In the event that the insured machinery are damaged, the machine should not be used before the damages are not eliminated. Employer’s Liability Payment of the treatment costs of the persons working subject to SSK as a result of injury which may occur as a result of a work accident and elimination of the compensation arising according to the calculation of the expert in the event of continuous disability or death by the insurance company to the extent of the fault of the Insured. In addition to such coverages, if he wishes, the insured may also include in the coverage the spiritual compensations, the accidents which the employees may suffer during their travels for the purpose of duty, the accidents which they may suffer during their business travels abroad, the accidents they may suffer during going to and returning from work with a vehicle provided by the employer. Personal Accident Personal Accident Insurance covers the case of life loss, continuous disability and injury of the insured as a result of the accident which may occur within the insurance period in his business place or private life, during his travels in accordance with his private and professional activities.

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