Özdoğan Grup

Environmental Conscience and Social Responsibilities

In all the industries we are operating, Özdoğan Group follows a sustainable and creative “Sustainable Environment Consciousness” approach that is nature friendly, follows the environmental risk factors, evaluates the possible threats and produces action plans for them. With this approach we consider and manage the effects of environmental impacts in every stage of our works.

Company Environment Policy

  • Firstly, we set our environmental standards beyond the legal requirements,
  • We identify and manage environmental risks in advance,
  • We aim the perfect with knowledge and experience sharing among the units,
  • We monitor environmental developments and contribute to sustainability, We support trainings, awareness and knowledge sharing on this matter.

Environment Policy Within The Group

  • We conform to environment law and other laws,
  • We identify our environmental impacts in advance,
  • We review our environmental impacts, decide on our program and take measures towards improvement,
  • We establish the organizational roles and responsibilities as well as the authorities, and ensure that all of our employees have environmental consciousness,
  • We continually develop and review our environmental performance,
  • We identify and apply our principles and objectives on energy and waste management and natural resource usage,
  • We use clean production technologies and undertake environmental responsibility,
  • We report our activities, facilitate access to knowledge and share our knowledge and expertises,

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